Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seasons Greetings to Erin's Friends!

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season! Thanks to all who have supported Erin with either words or purchases and hopes for a fruitful new year for all of us who love Erin's sweet feet! :D

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Poll Resultes Are In

The First Poll here at Erin Evans Barefoot has closed and I want to thank all of you who cast your votes. When we get together for our next photo shoot, these results will help us to determine where our focus should be for the bulk of our photo-sets.

I see this as a place we can share our thoughts and ideas. To date the poll has been the best source of getting feedback so I will be starting a new poll soon.

Erin is enjoying a prolonged family visit over the holidays so it is likely to be after New Years before she does much in the way of feedback, but I still have a nice assortment of photos available and will be preparing new ones soon for the blogl

Don't forget also that we offer the very reasonably priced autographed 4X6 print of our "cover photo" as a potential Christmas treat for yourself.. why should your family get all the good stuff? Details on the photo, along with other pertinent information are in the column to the right. :D

As always, Erin sends love and I thank you for checking out her sweet, sexy feet!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Random Thoughts

Thinking back on the time I spent with Erin doing these photographs is a very pleasant thing. She is not the first girl I've ever taken foot pictures of and for but she is far and away, to date, the best and sexiest.

I know and fully understand that "our" fetish has so many subcategories that there is no way to please each and every person. We are planning to try to please as many as possible as we plan the things to do on our next meeting. But the primary concerns will always be what Erin is comfortable with and secondly what I am comfortable asking her to do... and what I am willing to "shoot"...

Some people like "dirty foot" shots and we will try to accomodate those to a certain extent, but some of the "dirty foot" stuff requires that you negatively impact the soles; walking on things that will damage or stain the skin. Those we will not be able to do, one of Erin's greatest features is the milky smooth and softness of her soles.

Though she is pretty much a "natural" girl; limiting her makeup and polish usage, we will be able to do some nice polished pics during our next shoot. There are a lot of ideas that we have had, or been asked about that are absolutely no problem.

And as our next session draws nearer, we will probably be offering some custom stuff... for anybody who wants to be a little more "personal" in their relationship with Erin's feet... details on that will come as the sessions get nearer...

The bottom line to all this is that if there is anything you'd like to see, let us know. The worst thing that can happen is that it will be something that won't happen. But who knows... if you don't ask, we won't know and might skip by something that would be lots of fun for me, Erin, and you! :D

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Photographer Error But Still Beautiful

Sometimes a picture, though imperfect, tells a perfect story. Such was the case with this sole shot that I took, trying to shoot indoors without a flash.

The picture is technically imperfect, but the focus of the picture still shines through. Erin's soft, sexy sole.

Milky smooth, young and deliscious, you just want to run your tongue along that slightly wrinkled arch... the take each tender toe gently into your mouth... Let your fingers gently caress and even brush away the stray piece of lint.

This picture has been an exclusive at the "inner circle", and though some of the exclusives I put there may never see the light of this blog... the more I looked at this picture the more I realized that it needs to be enjoyed at the larger setting that is available only through the blog.

Click on this picture and enjoy! And realize that Erin, my beautiful model, can make up for equipment problems or bad photography! :D

Friday, December 7, 2007

First Sandals For Sale At Yahoo Group

Erin has offered up an old pair of her flip-flop sandals for auction to one of her lucky fans!
These shoes were worn for about two years; from when Erin was 16 up until just recently.
There are more pictures of these shoes at Erins yahoo group, what we consider her "inner circle" of fans... if you want to see more pics, and if you want a chance to bid on them, you need to belong to that group.
It is free as well, just like the blog. We post some pics there that do not get posted here and occasionally Erin checks in there with a comment or to answer a question. The pics here are special, and with a click will enlarger to a much greater size but some there are more exclusive. So, since both are free, why not join? All you have to do is tell us why we should let you in? What praise can you offer Erin that will cause me to open the door to you?
We're also getting lots of visitors from the links at some of our friends sites.... Wu's and Great Feet in particular. Thanks to those fans who have discovered Erin through those friends sites... and if you don't know those sites, check out our links section in the right hand column and visit them today! :D

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Don't You Wish You Were Me Now?

I love watching "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" and one of his catch phrases is "That's why it's good to be... me..."

Sometimes a sweet pair of feet just have to be kissed and licked and explored. I got the chance to be the first man to ever do these things to Erins feet. It's a wonderful experience to touch and feel such beautiful and tender feet...
You might not be able to be this close to Erin's feet; but we are making access available to certain things. Those who are part of "the inner circle" are currently bidding on a pair of her sandals... worn for over 2 years! (See side-bar for info on "the inner circle") In the near future we will be offering opportunities for more shoes and socks, and of course the autographed pictures discussed to the right is a way to get a piece of Erin, so to speak, and show her that you appreciate her efforts.

When we meet again, after the holidays, we will also be offering the opportunity for some custom photos. Lots of wonderful opportunties to come. Enjoy your time and savor the sweetness and the purity that is Erin Evans Barefoot. :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pink Flip Flops

There's nothing quite like a pair of brand new pink flip flops on a pair of sexy feet. And these new flip flops are on Erin's sexy feet as she poses for me in a pair that I provided her with... to wear for a while, get a good printfrom her sexy soles ground into them...

And then... well, they'll probably become the property of some lucky fan! We are serious about providing as many links to Erin as we can, and nothing gets you as close to her feet owning the very shoes or socks that she wore!

The time is not yet, she has only been in these for a few weeks now... along with some other shoes I brought for her to break in.

Can you imagine these shoes in a few months... maybe she'll wear them two or three times a week... even with the softest and cleanest and sexiest feet the imprint is still going to happen... the body oils... the form of her foot... they will be incredible...

And then we'll see what happens!

Until then, we have our dreams and our lusts...

Enjoy. :D